New Hypnosis Downloads Released

We have just released 6 new hypnosis downloads that have all been written by our site partner Rosemary Owen. Anger Release Stop Smoking Social/Self-Confidence Stop Being Depressed Stop Drinking Alcohol Sleep Hypnosis These tracks have been specially written to help you manage and in some cases stop whatever problem you may be having. The new […]

Hypnosis is the Safest, Less Expensive Alternative

On several of our website pages you will notice the words ‘hypnosis is the safest, less expensive alternative’. What exactly do we at Miracle Track Hypnosis mean by this? We do think that if you have a medical, mental health or any other health issues then you should consult a doctor or the appropriate health […]

Alternatives to Smoking

Some Alternatives to Smoking Remember Hypnosis is still the safer cheaper alternative to quit smoking. (why?) E-Cigarettes – Also known as E-cigs and quit smoking vapor devices have been a successful tool to help people quit smoking as they use both nicotine and the feel that you are still smoking a cigarette. In most countries […]

Our First Hypnosis Track Added! Blushing Hypnosis

We have just added a new track to our store Stop Blushing Hypnosis can now be purchased! Remember if you purchasd the track and its not for you email us for a refund. But we are sure that you will be impressed 😉   If you have a problem with blushing or know someone that […]

Blushing Hypnosis

Track Specs Track Length – 24mins Track Size – 21.6mb Track Type – MP3 file Video example of the purchase process Stop Blushing Hypnosis MP3 Download Does this sound familiar to you? All of a sudden something happens that makes your face blush….You are aware of your red face so your mind goes into a mini panic! This […]