Why does Miracle Track Hypnosis say hypnosis is The safer, less expensive alterative” ?


Is purchasing from your website discreet?


We use ClickBank to process our sales so CLKBANK*COM will show up on your credit card statement

No details of what you purchased will show


Why Does Miracle Track Hypnosis use ClickBank to process sales?

ClickBank is the biggest digital retailer on the planet and we find them to be a very reliable and secure.
Also if you try contact us for a refund and we do not reply (this will never happen) then you can email ClickBank and they will give you your refund and send us an angry email on your behalf. This means more confidence for our customers.


When and where is the best time to listen?

As long as you are not driving, operating machinery or required to focus on something else then you are right to listen.

It is best to listen in a quite place where you will not be distracted for a the length of your hypnosis track (15-25mins)

Some people can listen whilst doing jobs around the house and see results, others need to lay down and relax.

It depends on the person and what they feel works best for them.


How long until the hypnosis will start working for me?

Everyone is different and this means that you may start to see changes after the first listening or you may take a few weeks. But you will see changes

It is common that people will start to have changes and not notice them straight away. For example with anger hypnosis your family and friends may notice that you have less anger outbursts before you realize yourself. With self confidence hypnosis you may start to be more involved in social meetings but not notice your extra confidence.

The changes will happen with continued listening.


How often do I need to listen to my hypnosis download?

We recommend listening to your hypnosis track at least once a day (twice if you like) for the first week. For the next few weeks you can listen to it every second day and then even less as the track starts doing its job until you don’t feel you require it anymore.

Even when you are feeling that the track as done its job it can be nice to listen every so often to relax and refresh yourself.


Is it normal to fall asleep while listening? does this mean it won’t work for me?

It is fine to fall asleep. Not everyone will fall asleep but it does not matter if you do. Some people even fall asleep during the middle of the hypnosis session and then wake up again towards then end

all of these scenarios are fine, just keep listening and it will begin to work


How do I download the hypnosis after purchase?

We recommend using a computer to download the file as some handheld devices will only stream the hypnosis from the internet, which can waste a lot of data and make the product less effective.

If you have trouble downloading a hypnosis track please email us and we will email you the file.

We will require your receipt number and what track(s) you purchased from us

Make sure you download and save the file and listen to it, don’t stream the file


How can I listen to my hypnosis track once downloaded?

All of our hypnosis downloads are in MP3 format which can be listened to on PC or Mac computers.

Also you can put the hypnosis on any device that plays an MP3 file such as MP3 players,  iPod, iPad, iPhone, smart phone and any other MP3 device.

You may burn one copy to a CD for person use if you wish.

Make sure you download and save the file to listen to it, don’t stream the file